posted Feb.10.17 at 12:01 am

EDIT: Next page will be up next Thursday the 23rd! Thank you for your patience!!

I apologize for no update today, I've been behind schedule b/c of con prep! Speaking of con prep, I'm going to be at ECCC and Wondercon once again this year, selling copies of chapter 1 and 2! What you see above are wip of both covers. 

If you'd like your own copy and are going to be in Seattle or Los Angeles, please come by and say hi! These will be limited edition covers (think of them like variant covers!), so once they're sold out this year they won't be back. Thank you, and hopefully see you next week with the first page of chapter 3!


Emerald City Comic Con - March 2nd - 5th

Wondercon - March 31st - April 2nd